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50 Questions About Hell  (4 pgs)
These questions challenge the idea of a God that would torment sinners forever in a place called Hell.

40 Questions About Heaven  (4 pgs)                 
These questions challenge whether Heaven is a valid destination for the afterlife.

25 Questions About The Only Sign  (3 pgs)
These questions are posed to challenge various views that differ from Christ's statement that the only sign of His messiahship was that He would be in the grave for 3 days and 3 nights.  

Before and After the Last Trump  (4 pgs)         
This is a Bible study - one reads scriptures along the left margin that mesh with various comments and narrative. A chronological listing of future events in relation to the blowing of the last or 7th trumpet of Revelation is included. Topics related to the resurrection of the faithful at the last trump are also explored, and the concept of the secret rapture brought into question.

Is the Godhead a Trinity of Three Equal Persons?  (2 pgs) UPDATED             
This article succinctly presents Biblical teaching regarding the personages of the Godhead and their relationship. The nature of the Holy Spirit is presented, which in turn casts light on what is commonly referred to as the unforgivable sin.

When Jesus Cried Out  (3 pgs)         
Near the end of His suffering on the cross, Jesus cried out with a loud voice in the Aramaic dialect. Why did He do this? Was there a special purpose for others present to hear these words from the prophetic Psalm 22? Had His Father actually forsaken Him? What did He pray to His Father after He cried out?

Is Something Wrong?  (1 pg)            
When things go wrong in your life, could they actually be blessings in disguise?

Head Versus Heart  (1 pg)         
You may know what you should do, but are you motivated by a heart that is right? Going through the motions is not good enough. If your heart seeks salvation, you must have a personal and passionate relationship with God through prayer, and sincerely act to help those in need.

Inward Unity Versus Outward Uniformity  (1 pg)             
A church organization could enforce uniformity, but not true unity of spirit. The latter originates in the hearts of those that fellowship together. Christianity should be voluntary, not coerced.

A Tithing and Giving Study  (8 pgs)             
Churches love to receive money. Even churches which teach that Old Testament laws are done away, find justification for asking folks to send them 10% of their income. And yet the tithing requirement for the Israelites was only ever foodstuffs, donated three times per year, to feed the Levites who cared for the temple. Today, who really needs our help the most? How much does God hope we will give, and with what attitude? And importantly, to where should we direct our giving?

More About Jesus  (5 pgs)             
There is a hymn entitled "More About Jesus Would I Know". Would that everyone would be sincere about its lyrics to learn and understand about Jesus - His words, His will, His love, His saving grace, and His kingship. Jesus has everything to do with your salvation and your future. He is the way. He will continue to do the will of His Father to bring many sons to glory.

Following the Rules or Not  (3 pgs)              
God has provided a lot of good rules, which can be of great benefit, both to ourselves and others. And no doubt God hopes we will follow the rules because we want to, not because we have to. Too few take God seriously, but the time is coming when they will. And God has a plan to reach them.

Events Surrounding the Birth of Jesus  (9 pgs)              
This article analyzes the timing and historical events surrounding Jesus' birth. The reader may be surprised that the story of Jesus' birth is not exactly the same as some common ideas. It is really much more fascinating. This article is an excerpt from my short ebook, entitled "Christmas, Constantine, and the Bible" which may be found on Amazon.com.

Phase Two  (51 pgs)              
In case you die, will you live again? In what circumstances will you find yourself? What about others? This should be a topic of intense interest and investigation, yet too few think about it very much. Wouldn't it be logical to plan ahead? Does God have a plan by which the unsaved dead may have an opportunity to be saved? If not, the devil wins big time, since most folks throughout history, and certainly most of the 7 billion souls living today, are not saved. Do prevailing teachings marginalize the love, competency, and determination of God to achieve a vision of a huge eternal family? The answers are in the Bible, hidden in plain sight from those who accept common dogma, but presented in this article.



rad notes

I'm writing a book!  It is a big undertaking, and there is a lot to say.  It is an attempt to present what the Bible really says in a very clear manner, but with a dose of wit and even sarcasm where appropriate.  The challenge for me is that I have a lot of material to reduce down to the size of a single book.  If you have any comments or questions, write me at P. O. Box 14086, Springfield, MO  65814, or email me at .  May you grow in grace and knowledge!    - Roger A. Day (rad)